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 Original script on the face of Moon                                                                                   Script (Ali) outlined

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Contents of Letter

Concerning the Name of Ali on the moon

On January 6, 1999 I had a meeting with Mr. Ali Tahir and Mr. Mohammad Ali.  According to the photos shown to me, I confirm that it seems possible to read the name Ali in Arabic script on the face of the moon.

Signed : Karl Yogt
Associate Professor

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Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) as have said "I am like the sun and Ali is like the moon"

Letter from University of Oslo, Norway confirming the arabic script "Ali" on the face of moon

We have a Full Moon (14th day) very soon. Everybody is adviced to do the ziarat of this miracle and
spread the information to all Muslimeen around the world.

Special Thanks for the above Contribution to:Brother Mohsin Ukka, +44-181-767-3779/+44-181-767-4800. Added on my site purely for information purposes with the ackowledgement of the source.